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stressing over what to give your beau this holiday season? just dump him (after he gives you your gifts, obviously)

curve ball. of course.  

Charlie Fink. You da man.

Lol at my nonna calling her sister in Italy who told her that her grandson saw a photo of me on Facebook with a boy/boys. Nonna proceeds to ask if I have a boyfriend and does not belive me when I truthfully tell her that I don’t know what photo shes talking about and literally the last 3 photos on my timeline are of me with a priest/aspiring priest at various youth conventions and gatherings.
Catholic lyf.


While the overturning of SSM in Canberra was a terrible blow, this deserves to get more airwaves.

Immigration officials on Manus island have allegedly told gay asylum seekers that they’d report homosexual sex in detention to police in PNG. Homosexuality is illegal in PNG, and it is a violently homophobic society.

This government is endangering the lives of homosexual refugees and asylum seekers.

This government is failing to protect the rights of LGBTQI people who are trying to flee persecution in their homelands for somewhere that is ostensibly safer, fairer, more humane.

This government is failing people.

(Source: thekingintheinnernorth)

whiskey & coke + arcade fire playing very loudly = finally some solace 

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